Frequently Asked Questions

What is a full color skin?
Our full color skins are vinyl decals that are digitally printed with state of the art high resolution printers. Made with premium 10-year high performance cast material with Air Release technology prevents any air from getting trapped between the skin and your device when installing and also allows for repositioning to ensure the perfect fit. Our skins are then laminated using a premium cast laminate to give it that extra strength, fade resistance, and scratch protection. Then our skins are engineered and digitally cut for a precise fit, ensuring maximum coverage that is far superior to any other skin kit on the market. Our skin kits are applied by just the use of your fingers, no glue, trimming, or additional tools are needed.


How do I apply the skin to my device?
1. Clean device thoroughly with a lint free cloth and rubbing alcohol.
2. Peel skin from liner and position into place on your device.
3. Use fingers to smooth out any trapped air


Is the skin reuseable?
Our skins are not intended to be reused once applied to your device with an ample amount of pressure, however we do have many customers that are very cautious when taking their skins off so they can interchange their designs when they please.


Where do I get the free wallpaper?
If your device supports custom wallpapers, you may retrieve it from here. Each compatible device will come with a code and instructions on where to download your matching wallpaper strait to your device for a seamless look. No need to hook your phone up to a computer. We'll email or mms the wallpaper strait to your device for you.


I don't see a design that I like, can I make my own?
Absolutely, we make custom skins all the time. Simply send us your artwork and we'll place it on the device of your choice and send you a proof of what it will look like, we will also include a free wallpaper for compatible devices. Artwork/design must be of your own creation, we do not do skins of copyrighted logo's, artwork, or pictures without written authorization.


I'm an artist and I'm looking into getting my designs published, interested?
Were always looking for talented artists. Let us know your interested and we'll let you know how to get started.