Microsoft Xbox 360 (3rd Gen) Gaming Console Skin :: Brushed Silver

Microsoft Xbox 360 (3rd Gen) Skin :: Brushed Silver
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Price: $13.75


Microsoft Xbox 360 (3rd Gen) Skin Kits

Give your Microsoft Xbox 360 (3rd Gen) a new look with an amazing Brushed Silver designed skin kit. Our skin kits cover both the front and sides of your Microsoft Xbox 360 (3rd Gen). We've design our skin kits with no limitations to provide you with the most protection possible. Our skin kits are digitally engineered to provide cut outs for the most essential areas.

Our complete 13 piece skin kit includes:

  • (1) Console skin kit (3 decals)
  • (2) Faceplate skin kit (6 decals)
  • (2) Controller skin kits (4 decals)

About the Design

Brushed Silver
Brushed Silver
In House Designs
A brilliant, smooth textured metallic finish in a beautiful Brushed Silver. Rich in depth, clarity, and color with a brightness that never weakens from any angle or distance.

* Please Note * This is a Metallized Polyester Film and is known for leaving a gooey residue when removing if left on for long periods of time. This residue is similar to dried up rubber cement and can be easily cleaned off by rolling it up onto itself like freshly packed snow. This color is only available for gaming devices.

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