Sony PlayStation 2 Gaming Console Skin :: Burgundy

Sony PlayStation 2 Skin :: Burgundy
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Price: $7.95


Sony PlayStation 2 Skin Kits

Give your Sony PlayStation 2 a new look with an amazing Burgundy designed skin kit. Our skin kits cover the front, top, and side of your Sony PlayStation 2. We've design our skin kits with no limitations to provide you with the most protection possible. Our skin kits are digitally engineered to provide cut outs for the most essential areas.

Our complete 14 piece skin kit includes:

  • (1) Top side skin
  • (3) Side piece skins
  • (2) Controller Skin kits (10 decals)

About the Design

In House Designs
A brilliant, smooth solid color finish. Rich in depth, clarity, and color with a brightness that never weakens from any angle or distance.

* Please Note * This is a premium calendared vinyl material that is not made for repositioning. Application of this material over large areas will require the aid of a slip solution (1:24 Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo & water). Using a slip solution will help eliminate any possible air bubbles as well as allow for moving your skin into desired position. Failure to use a slip solution may cause the material to rip/tear if the adhesive touches itself or when removing. See installation tips for more information. This color is only available for gaming devices.

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